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"After downloading Slife, click on the product's "Web and documents" tab -- which lists the specific name of each item you work on -- so you can see how much time you spend on each."
"Slife is a nice-looking OS X application. After installing, you get a little icon in the menu bar that lets you manage things, and a larger window to see what has been recorded."
"To be frank, Slife is incredible. Not only does it keep track of the application you're using, but it also tracks the interactions, like web pages you visit and emails you've read"
"Alone, Slife was a fantastic tool for personal and enterprise productivity. By integrating smoothly with a Web-based application for invoicing, its value proposition is increased tenfold."
"Slife has a lot of potential to help you keep track of things you've lost and to understand better how you use your own computer. And since it's a free download, I think it's definitely worth a look."
"I would recommend this app to anyone using a computer. Even if you aren’t interested in reprogramming your habits, it is nice to give a glance at how you use your computer. There is nothing to set up, nothing to manage."
"Slife not only tracks the time you spend using an application, but it also tracks the details. So, for example, it knows how long I worked on a particular file in Word or Photoshop, how much time I spent perusing a particular Web page in Safari, and how many minutes it took to compose a reply to a particular e-mail."
"Slife es una aplicación realmente estupenda, y práctica. Lo que ofrece es un inventario de tu actividad en el Mac, analizando el uso que haces de las aplicaciones, en qué empleas mas tiempo."